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Volunteer Opportunities

Want to Volunteer?

Contact our Volunteer Coordinator

Kim Smith: (407) 446-9813

At SpiritHorse at Windermere Equestrian Center, we depend on the generosity of our volunteers. It is your freely given time and hard work makes our dream a reality.  Whether you have a great knowledge of horses or just think they are beautiful creatures, we appreciate your help.  There are many opportunities to assist, including direct care of the horses, maintenance of the farm, administrative duties and community outreach.


Through these opportunities, our volunteers become connected with our guests, learn a great deal about the horses and themselves and have the satisfaction of helping a wonderful cause.


Some of the areas where you can be a resource at SpiritHorse at Windermere Equestrian Center are:


Equine Care

Volunteers have the opportunity to work directly with the horses on the farm. This includes helping at feeding time, turn out, and general care.  Volunteers who wish to work directly with our horses must first attend a volunteer orientation and training session.  



Volunteers can help with general maintenance around the farm. This may include daily stall cleaning, repairs, and improvements (minor and major), construction projects, or field care.  


Special Events

Much of the fund-raising at SpiritHorse at Windermere Equestrian Center comes from our special events.  Volunteers are needed for committee work, event coordination, care of the horses during the event, support services and many other tasks.  This is an excellent way for someone to volunteer who may not be able to make a recurring commitment to the farm or for groups to participate in all the fun.


Special Skills

Volunteers with special skills and talents are always welcome. Whether you are into photography, have great computer skills or have construction knowledge, any talent can be utilized.  Feel free to contact our volunteer coordinator to offer your skills and time.

SpiritHorse at Windermere Equestrian Center is always welcoming new volunteers. Volunteers under the age of 14 must be accompanied by a guardian for their entire volunteer sessions. All volunteers must fill out a liability waiver including guardians.


We also offer group volunteer opportunities for companies looking for team building events. 


Volunteer Attire: any item worn at the farm for volunteering needs to be able to get dirty (or worse)

Closed Toed Shoes

Long Pants or Shorts

Tank Top, T-shirt



Bug Repellent


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